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Winners - Challenge 97 - All Dressed Up and Community Closing

Before we get to the winners I need to let everyone know that this was the last challenge for this community. I'm sorry this seems so sudden. With my busy summer schedule upon me I'm quickly getting stretched for time. With no help, I can't keep this going on my own. I talked to greeneyedmissy about it and she understands. Unfortunately this will probably result in the closing of this community. I made an effort to keep things going, but with the lack of interest and low entries in challenges and the afore mentioned "doing this on my own" this had to be the community I let go. In a way, I think the end was inevitable.

I have really enjoyed my brief stint here and I appreciate those of you who entered my challenges and volunteered to help with winners banners. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

Alright, lets get to those gorgeous winning icons.

Winners Challenge 97 - All Dressed Up

1st Place

Icon by visionsbeyond

2nd Place

Icon by seleneheart

3rd Place

Icon by my_innersanctum

Best Crop

Icon by adamwolf

Congratulations everyone! Beautiful icons!

seleneheart will be your banner maker for this last challenge. If you would like a banner please mention it in your comment.

I don't think greeneyedmissy will mind me plugging a couple of my other stock based icon challenge comms. There are three to four mods in these comms, so you'll get some variety in the ideas for challenges. object_icontest and botanicalstills

Thanks everyone! :)
Tags: challenge 097, mod entry

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