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Challenge 30 - Best of the Best - Round Two

Information is under the cut! Entries are due by Wednesday, October 29th at 10pm EST. REVISION: Now due by October 31st at 10pm EST.

This week, being Challenge 30, is nominations for the next round of Best of the Best. I have listed below, the links to the results of the icon challenges. Please use the code below for each icon you submit. I had considered allowing nominations for icons that didn't place as well, but many makers - including myself - have removed their icons from their original entries. So, unfortunately, that would not make it fair to allow it without everyone's icons being present.

You can nominate up to 5 icons.
Do not nominate your own icon or nominate an icon just because you like the person who made it.
Try not to make more than 3 of your nominations from the same maker.
Nominate only from the Challenge numbers listed below.
Challenge 29 is not eligable for nominations because of the current voting, it will be included in the next round.

The winner will become the new default usericon for the community.

To get the image source and URL you can do one of two things:
1) You are allowed, this one time, to hotlink -
Right click on the icon and go to image properties, copy the url and place it in the img src code and in the URL as well. I need both this time.
2) Save off the icon, upload it to your own host and give me the img src and URL from it.

Please use the following code in your entry for each icon you nominate:
(Ignore the little x box, it will go away when you enter the source code)

Challenge # :
Maker :

< img src = "" > (image source code goes here, just close the spaces)

Comments? :

Links to the results posts:

Challenge 22:

Challenge 23:

Challenge 24:

Challenge 25:

Challenge 26:

Challenge 28:

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